ENGAGE provides LMC Alumni with opportunities for social interaction,  education enrichment, and service opportunities.

Whether you were in Class 1 or are currently in Class 28, join us for our ENGAGE events throughout the year. 

LMC Enrichment Programs

are for LMC Alumni and Friends who want to continue to sharpen their leadership skills.

A variety of 2-hour interactive and outcome-based sessions are scheduled during the year to build and reinforce capacity in Marshall County community leaders. These classes are also a great opportunity to network with other leaders. These offerings include:

  • Leader Self-Management: Effectively Using the Two Leadership Voices

  • Building Psychological Capital in Yourself, Others, and the Community

  • Polarity Thinking in Marshall County

  • The Power of Narrative in Community Leadership
  • Lead and Empower: Giving the Right Kind of Feedback at the Right Time to the Right Person for the Right Reason

Class 27 Leadership Projects

Community Supported Food Sheds

Members: Hanna Croy, Ted Brown, and Tim Daughtery

Summary: This project team developed a plan and structure for Marshall County “neighbors helping neighbors” to provide accessible food for all community members. The group focused on providing weatherproof food storage sheds in the Culver, Bremen, LaPaz and Tippecanoe communities. The sheds will be open 24/7, will be community monitored and stocked and accessible to everyone. The team was able to get an initial donation of food provided from Martin’s Supermarket, as they create awareness of the benefits of food sheds within the county.

Bringing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to Marshall County

Members: Ana Exiga, Trisha Crawford, Ron Cook, and Jason Gross

Summary: This project team addressed diversity, equity, and inclusion awareness as well as resources and hiring aides to Marshall County Employers. The focus was on DEI specifically with the 11% Hispanic Representation in Marshall County. By doing so the group was able to examine Opportunities, Involvement and Resources. It is their hope to connect employers and the Marshall County DEI committee with the Hispanic Representation in Marshall County by retention and attraction in the workforce.

Nurture with Nature

Members: Jamie Fleury, Marianne Peters, and Nataly Rosas

Summary: The purpose of this project was to promote mental health through connection with the natural world. The project team partnered with Youth Leadership Marshall County and developed five 30-minute sessions that includes age-appropriate content and activities for young people in the program: 1) Planting Seeds – Self-care & Self-talk (Plant seeds); 2) Composting – Using tough life lessons to grow (Worm Bin); 3) Exercising – Activity promotes health (Fun ways to exercise); 4) Eating Healthy – Good food choices (Provide a healthy meal); and 5) Conclusion: You have value!

Walk Your City

Members: Megan Rogers, Faith Stull, and John Eisemann

Summary: The goal of this project was to improve the walking traffic in the downtown Plymouth area by providing the public with the walking distance through signage to a location in minutes. It helps communities make street signs for people: campaigns of pedestrian and bike signage that show the distance, in minutes rather than miles, to everyday amenities. The project team interviewed local experts on the topic of walkability. They reviewed case studies of successful Walk Your City campaigns. They received approval from the Walk Your City pilot from the Board of Public Works. The group walked downtown Plymouth to assess signage options and created and disseminated a survey to collect feedback on sign locations. They will launch the pilot in Summer 2022 and hang up signs based on locations identified.