Leadership Development for Your Organization

LMC Endeavor can help you foster a culture of teamwork, collaboration, and joint accountability for the success of your organization. We help increase/enhance employee engagement as it relates to your key results areas and key performance indicators.

We can help you manage/solve a variety of challenges:

  • Ownership and accountability for results.
  • Employee/Staff engagement.
  • Patterns of communication.
  • Collaborative and partnership environment
  • Shared Vision and Clarity of team goals.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • DiSC Personality Assessment.
  • Tension between “getting the job done” and “building relationships.”

LMC Endeavor approaches your issues with a multi-faceted method.  We work with you to choose the right strategies by showing what each method can do for your team, and what you gain from each strategy.  Once we decide upon the methods we will use, each approach is presented and practiced in user friendly and outcome-oriented terms.  

“LMC Endeavor’s 3-day workshop with our leadership team at ITAMCO was such a positive experience! John did an exceptional job inquiring and learning about our team before the training even started so he was able to hit the ground running and make the best use of everyone’s time. It’s very easy to make excuses and feel too busy to interrupt day to day business, we all know time and resources are precious, John got the whole team involved right away and did a tremendous job reinforcing good habits while also giving us all takeaways to work on! We all left the training with a better understanding how each member of our team performs best and really worked on how we can better communicate to increase productivity!”

Testimonial Item

Matt Davis

Manager, Organizational Development and Training ITAMCO

“Ameri-Can was very thankful and impressed with the D.I.S.C assessment and training provided by LMC Endeavor. We gained valuable insight on how to communicate with our team members and helped us understand why and how decisions were being made. We are excited to do the training again in the future to learn more about how we can support our new team members.”

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Keegan Campbell

Chief Operating Officer Ameri-Can Engineering

“Through LMC Endeavor, John worked with our Marshall County Crossroads team to create a retreat that would help us map out strategies for our team for the coming 5 years. John’s own leadership style is engaging, optimistic, and inspiring. He spent a day with us and by the end of it, we had determined our next steps as an organization. Not only did we come out with strategies for our future, but we came out of the day with energy and momentum. It’s like John gave each of us a shot in the arm. He provided just the spark we needed to awaken our own creativity, passion for the work, and leadership. I’m grateful for the activities he planned to bring out our best and I’m grateful for his own leadership. He has a way of coaching people to build on their strengths and he has a way of showing you the strengths within yourself and within your organization. We will be a better team for it!”

Testimonial Item

Ginny Monroe

President Marshall County Crossroads